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Helping You To Build Your Legacy As An Enterprise

Success starts if you let yourself learn and grow as a newbie! With FS Business Academy, rest assured you are in the right hands! With our goal of empowering clients, you just have to focus and success will be within proximity.


FS Business Academy has a bunch of programs for you. Tax courses that focus on self-paced training, and learner-centered teaching the vast knowledge and skill about tax preparation and management. On the other hand, we have business and developmental courses geared towards enriching clients with up-to-date practices in the field. These two courses have many options, so, you have many choices to choose with, depending on what you can and need. Of course, FS Business Academy has more in store for you! We have individual business coaching that helps you organize your own business.


So what are you waiting for? Visit the FS Business Academy website now, and know more about our programs. Here, we are willing to help you to have a Fresh Start! Let’s build your legacy!  

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Dr. Eukeethia Barnes

Eukeethia Barnes is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Leader who is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and build better lives. She is the woman behind Fresh Start Business – A chain of businesses offering aspiring entrepreneurs the tools needed to build, upscale, and expand businesses. 


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Eukeethia, was truly a Godsend to my business. I had gotten training elsewhere, but I didn’t quite feel ready to get started with returns. I came across Eukeethia in a tax group, and I requested a mentor. Initially I was taken back because the automatic response to mentoring made me feel a bit taken aback. However; I was eventually able to speak with Eukeethia and in our brief conversation she answered all of my questions and explained her process. When we hung up the phone, I immediately felt a pressure lifted off of me I was connected to the right person at the right time. Eukeethia truly wants to see everyone win and has a heart of gold, I am so thankful to have her as my mentor, coach, and friend.

Andrika Meritt


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