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Journal/Planner to help Start Your Tax Business

By Eukeethia Barnes


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Ready, Set, Go! An Accelerated Guide to Starting Your Tax Business- $19.99

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How to Apply for an EFIN

This publication by the IRS will give you step-by-step directions on how to successfully apply for your EFIN. $0.00

Process and Procedures for your Business

Process and Procedures For Your Business

Do you need to create Processes
and Procedures, but you don't know where to begin? No worries, this quick
reference book will give you a great Fresh Start!! $0.00

FS Business Course Cover.jpg

FS Business Credit Course

The FS Business Credit Course is a self-paced
course that will definitely take each Business Owner to the next level!

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"Balance" Entrepreneurship and Mental Health

Learn how to balance the
weight of Entrepreneurship and Mental Health on a daily basis. Eukeethia B. also
gives personal experiences with this exact topic!

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The Blueprint

Mapping Out a Business The Correct Way $19.99

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Fresh Start Digital Business Planner

This is a simple Day to Day Downloadable
A planner that can be used to plan your time! $0.00

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