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A Texas native who is the founder of Empress Ashé Enterprises LLC, and co- founder of iN’Cpyre Enterprises LLC. NaTasha is also in pursuit of earning a master’s degree in Business.


Tashé, a mother, a lover of entrepreneurship, and cultural empowerment.


Currently, Ms. Walker, executes administrative roles during her day-to-day occupation. On her time, she thrives

to be the force for her business and brand. People who know her, would tell you she wears many hats; “she works and plays hard”.


Her goals consist of wealth building, empire building, village feeding, and being an inspiration.


NaTasha’s most impressive attributes are her leadership ability, creativeness, supportiveness, and drive. Facts about Ms. Walker is her love for laughter, her adventurous spirit, and she means business when it’s time to mean business. Did we forget to mention, she has various nicknames…Tasha, being one of them.


Tashé believes in the African Proverb, “many hands make light work”, she is a true believer in collective growth.

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