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Tax Software Packages

Our Industry leading software is designed to allow Tax Preparers to start their own business Today!

Fresh Start Academy

Fresh Start Academy is geared towards everyday Business Development Professional Classes, in which you will be able to receive exceptional Membership Programs, Standalone Development Classes, & Continuing Education Credits.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start Business Service Affiliate’s Program, was designed to empower others to become knowledgeable and efficient tax preparers.

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Our goal is to offer impeccable education, continuing education, and reliable software solutions. We will serve businesses with the most desired services as a starter or seasoned business while remaining ethical and trustworthy.

 We have dedicated ourselves to operating as one of the most prestigious companies in the industry while servicing everyday businesses. We will strive to meet the expectations that are placed upon us, while we continue to assist you with building your legacy.



DanYelle Youngblood

"As a second-year preparer with Fresh Start Business Taxes, I have to say I am overly pleased with the program. I got introduced to the business via another company and it was pure chaos, no direct training, hard to contact the office to get assistance and so much more. Fresh Start provides weekly meetings, daily communication, one on one training, and an amazing Mentor who goes above and beyond with her open-door policy. Thanks to Eukeethia, I have been able to supplement my income and provide amazing service to my customers and build my clientele. I highly recommend Fresh Start for anyone who is serious about starting their own business."

Chris King.jpg

Chris King

“Fresh Start’s Affiliate program is excellent ...Eukeethia is committed to your success as a Tax Prepare. The software is easy to learn, and you as a member of her team will gain her years of experience and her valuable contacts in the industry. Eukeethia has the ability to take a person who has never been in business and turn them into a profitable business owner in a matter of a few short months.”


Andrika Merritt

"Eukeethia was truly a Godsend to my business. I had gotten training elsewhere, but I didn’t quite feel ready to get started with returns. I came across Eukeethia in a tax group, and I requested a mentor. Initially, I was taken aback because the automatic response to mentoring made me feel a bit taken aback. However; I was eventually able to speak with Eukeethia and in our brief conversation she answered all of my questions and explained her process. When we hung up the phone, I immediately felt a pressure lifted off of me I was connected to the right person at the right time. Eukeethia truly wants to see everyone win and has a heart of gold, I am so thankful to have her as my mentor, coach, and friend."

Val Simmons.jpg

Valerie Simmons

“Working with Eukeethia at Fresh Start was the best move that I made in 2019. I went from being unsure about how to get a business started to fully owning and operating my business within a few months, due to my affiliate coaching calls. If there was anything I needed or was hesitant about, Eukeethia was always there to help with any issues. Having the support of our tax group really allowed me to fully engage in learning and to gain knowledge on marketing my business. Having mentorship from someone who has been in the trenches and is able to give you a real insight into business and operating your own is simply priceless. I am thankful for how easy the tax prep software was to use because it will walk you through returns, but because I was trained thoroughly in tax preparation, I was able to get through returns efficiently and accurately! I highly recommend Fresh Start for anyone that may be just beginning, looking to get into business for themselves, or utilizing any of their great services! I’m so glad and blessed to have found Eukeethia!”

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