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Fresh Start Loan Department

Financing Your Fresh Start

Business Conference


- We will review your credit file and provide a quote within 24-48 hours  

- After you show interest in the 100% Financing Plus program

- You will go through the approval process
- Upon approval, cash is deposited into your personal account within 1-3 days
- Customer makes payments to the lender(s) 


*Minimum 650 Credit Score.
*Minimum of 3 established credit lines(one auto or mortgage)
*No more than 6 inquiries in the last year
*No more than 50% credit usage

*No late payments within the last 2 years
*Bankruptcy must be 2 years old
*No new credit less than 6 months old
*Have not applied for new Credit in the last 6 months
*W2 hourly/salary employee with min $30,000 annual income. This also includes 1099, 1099R, and self-employed.

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